This app lets you earn Some Extra Cash: The Showbox APP

Want to earn some extra cash for the weekend, well this nifty little app is definitely the way to go.  Made out of a Singapore-based company, ‘Miidow’ the Showbox app actually pays you money while you download an app.
Apps are used by everyone these days, whether it’s to check the weather  or check the latest news notifications. You already use precious data on using these apps and till now it’s been only a one-way lane where money just outflows. But this application changes the scenario as it makes the user want to download some more.

The Showbox application was introduced in the Google Play store on February 2014. then it was restricted only within the boundaries of Singapore. But it quickly gained widespread attention and January last year it launched worldwide. The application follows a very easy principle


Simple right, an apeman can follow it.

Jokes  apart,  this  application is a very useful one. You just have to download the apps, Each app you download gives you a specific number of points. Upon downloading the app just click and open the app and stay there for a minimum 3 minutes. This will again give you some additional points and if you give reviews to the downloaded applications and also give feedback to the developers, again you will be rewarded with some points for downloading whatsapp like apps

There’s also a lock screen feature available which always gives you new features and offers that you can try, everytime you wake up your screen. After you have a lot of points you can cash them in for gift coupons of popular e-com websites, top-ups for your phone  and finally also get hard cash via Paypal ( I know you’ve been waiting for the last bit). You can collect  your earnings at the end of the week. You can earn even more points by inviting other people to download the app. By doing this, everytime your friend earns 2 points you earn 1. You can even donate your money  top charity.


According to Vulcan Post John Zhou, the founder of Showbox, the idea of the application came to him as he saw the need of a platform where app developers and smartphone users can mutually benefit each other and Showbox functions just like that.  It doesn’t matter if the user uninstalls the app after just downloading it, what matters to the developer is that the app was downloaded and it boosted their search rankings in Google. And as for the user, he’s getting paid to try out the app. Showbox keeps both of the parties happy.

At present, Showbox and Megabox now has a user base of over 250,000. That’s a milestone in itself. The application is available in the Google Play Store and can be easily downloaded from the given link.

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