How to Block unwanted calls on your Android Phone?

All of us get irritated whenever it is an unnecessary call. Imagine waking up to an unwanted call at 8.a.m on a Sunday morning! Doesn’t it spoil the whole essence of Sunday itself? Or worse is when your Android phone beeps with an unwanted call amidst an important meeting in your office. Getting unnecessary calls on our Android Phones is quite common nowadays. In spite of innumerable complaints to the phone carrier, there is no respite from this trouble. You must be in worry that in such a case, how to get relief from these disturbances. Well, here comes the solution to all these problems of yours. In this article, we will be providing you with the options on how to block unwanted calls on your Android Phone.

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There are several ways to block unnecessary calls on the Android Phone. However, finding the correct way to do so requires time and effort. Not all phone devices contain the blacklist features. While some have the blacklist option in the phone settings, some old devices do not have the blocking feature at all. In such cases, the consumer faces some real tough time. However, users need not worry much any longer. Just like the saying, Nothing is Impossible under the sky; there are ways in which you can block the apps.

Apps To Block Unwanted Calls on Android Phone:

With the growth of technology, there are applications which can obstruct any unwanted or unnecessary call on your Android device. Want to know how? Here comes the answer –

There are various applications which can help you to obstruct these unwanted calls on your Android devices. We are discussing these apps one by one-

Mr. Number

Android Phone

This is a powerful app to restrict unwanted calls and messages on your Android Phones. The best thing about the app is that it is free to use. You can block the unwanted calls in two ways. Either enter a specific name or number or you can even block by entering specific area codes.  The app also works as a free alternative app to call and text anyone. It also enables the users with updates about when their messages were read by the receiver.

You can download the app from the below link: Download Mr. Number

Should I Answer?

The app called ‘Should I Answer’ is a free app. The app can block numbers which are not mentioned in your contact list. To block a number which is there in your contact list, you need to delete the contact first and then enter the specific number in the app. The best part about this app is that it has an extensive database of unknown telemarketers, spammers, and even the premium rate numbers.

Follow the link to download the app- Download Should I Answer

Whenever the user gets a phone call on his Android Phone, the app shows a brief description of the caller. It also provides the customer with various user reviews about the incoming number. It also provides the customer with an option of reviewing the incoming number. In addition to this, there is an option to rate the number as per your choice or to add the number to a block list of your own.

Call Blocker

If you want a number which can not only block unwanted calls and unnecessary texts too, Call Blocker is one among the best apps to do so. With the app, you can not only block specific numbers from calling and texting you, but you can even customize the way you want to block the number. For example, you can block a number only from messaging you and enable it to call you. You can even block a number from calling you but allowing it to text you.

Get the app from the mentioned link- Download Call Blocker


Though there are countless applications to block unwanted and unnecessary calls on your Android Phones, we suggested you some of the most trusted and reliable apps. Before trying to install any other app, remember to check its reviews and see if it is from an authentic source or not.

Install any of the three apps we suggested above and get respite from further unnecessary calls and texts on your Android Phones.

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