The 10 must-have Android Apps!

The advent of smartphones has brought us a world of opportunities. It is as if everything and anything is possible with just a few taps. Android is currently the most used and most popular operating system. It is a system which is affordable by one and all. Androids consist of a vast ecosystem of apps which are readily available in the Google Play Store. With these apps readily available within the reach of our fingertips, there is a solution for anything and everything. With more and more people being addicted to these apps, life has become a lot easier. Time to time upgradation of the Android Apps with new improved features gives the best advantage to users. Mobile applications have indeed become the ultimate guide, friend and a solution finder for people who are always busy with their day to day activities. But having so many apps to choose from, people often get confused which apps they should have on their device and which not to have.

However, your confusion ends here itself. In this article, we are providing you a list of ten essential Android Apps which one should have installed on their Android phones.

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The Essential Android Apps:

The Android Apps, which one should have installed on their Android devices, depend on individual choices and preferences. However, there are some common apps which are the must have on any Android phone. We list you the top 10 must-have Android Apps-

1. Security App

AVG Anti-Virus

Android Apps

Having an anti-virus app installed on your Android phones is vital so that your device remains safe from virus and unwanted threats. There are many such security apps to choose from. However, we suggest you to use AVG Anti-Virus. It is a free app which protects the app from threats, malware, and viruses. Enable the Find/Locate option so that your phone remains secured from thefts. By connecting to Google Maps, you can share the location of the phone. 

You can get the app by following the linkDownload AVG Anti-Virus

2. A Backup App

Go Backup 

Download the App directly by clicking on this link- Download Go Backup

It is an app which backs up the data of your Android phone. From the contacts to messages to media files and even apps, it can backup everything from your Android app to the SD Card. You can either restore a backup or restore manually. 

3. Communication App-


Android Apps

WhatsApp is an Android App for instant messaging across cross-platform devices. It allows users to send text messages, audio messages, video files, media files to anyone, anywhere.

Download this messenger application by clicking on- Download WhatsApp

At present, WhatsApp is the most popular and best tool for communicating with one another. In case you want to communicate the same thing to various people, then you can have group chats too.

4. Movie Streaming App-


Android Apps

Nowadays, no one gets ample time to visit a movie theater or watch his favorite television show. It is during such times that people need to install a movie streaming app on their devices. Netflix forms to be the best movie streaming app nowadays. You can access the app in any language you want and have a huge content to choose from. So, the next time when you miss your favorite show or movie, just open the app and grab your favorite content. Kodi Download is also one of the best entertaining apps. You can use it side by side with Netflix to get best entertainment experience.  

Get the app by clicking on the given link- Download Netflix

5. Browser App-

Opera Mini 

It is one of the most popular browsers across mobile devices. It is even the fastest to operate among its counterparts. With a simple to use interface, you can use the app either in mobile view or desktop view. It also has the tab functionality to open multiple tabs at a single time.

Download this browser by clicking on the linkDownload Opera Mini Browser

6. Mail App


Install the Gmail app on your device and keep a daily access to your emails. The app keeps your emails safe.You will get your messages via push notifications which you can check and respond anytime you want. The app provides you 15 GB of free storage.

Directly download the app from the given link- Download Gmail

7. Games

Candy Crush Saga

Android Apps

For the purpose of refreshment, it is very important to have some games installed on your Android apps. Candy Crush Saga is at present one of the most popular and highly ranked apps in the Google Play Store. The game is the sweetest adventure you can ever have. Cross levels and complete episodes one after another.

Get the app by clicking on the link- Download Candy Crush Saga

8. Tools App-

ROM Toolbox

It is a must-have app for rooted users. With the app, you get many options to tweak your phone. For Personalizing the phone, you can change the font of your system, download boot animations, and you can even download various themes. In Performance, you can tweak your system’s CPU sliders, boost your SD card browsing and get memory management.

Download the app by clicking on the link below- Download ROM Toolbox

9. Photo App


Android Apps

We all love photography. So it is very important to have a photo app on the Android phones we use. At present, Instagram is the most popular photo app across Android platforms. The app provides a variety of filters and effects to glorify the photos you capture before sharing with other Instagrammers. Not only this, but the app has even layout functionality and a boomerang facility too. 

Follow the link to download the app- Download Instagram

10. Launcher Apps-

Go Launcher

It is the most advanced launcher for Android phones. Users are provided with a variety of options to customize their phones in their way. There are a number of themes, wallpapers and widgets to beautify your phone. It can be used both as free as well as paid.

Get the app by clicking on the link given- Download Go Launcher

Android Apps

These are the 10 essential apps which should be installed on any android phone. With these 10 must-have Android apps, everything is possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Check the list and install the ones you don’t have on your Android phone!

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