The 10 Must-have Android apps unavailable in Play Store

Life without our Android Phones is something beyond the imagination. For anything and everything, we are nowadays dependent on the Android Apps for the perfect solution. The apps that the Android devices consist act as the remedy to every solution. Developers have developed numerous apps for the Android devices, and many are still getting developed. It is known to all that the Google Play Store serves as the ultimate destination for Android apps of all categories. It is true that the Play Store consists of more than 1 million apps for Android devices. However, not all apps serve to be the best. Moreover, there is no hard and fast rule that apps in the Play Store are the only genuine and the best ones. There are many apps which are not at all good and are top ranked simply because the developers have got enormous financial capital. However, it is the time that Android users know that the potentiality of apps goes far beyond the Play Store and other Google Services.

There are several cool and awesome apps which are not there in the Play Store but have good features and highly recommended. There are apps which are very much essential for any Android device but unavailable in the Play Store due to some issues. These apps are easy to install, provided you know where to find them. In this article, we will let you know about 10 such must-have apps which one should install on their devices.

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What type of Android Apps are banned from the Play Store?

The Google Play Store ban apps like:
  1. Movie streaming apps which offer unlimited streaming of Television shows and movies and do not have a proper license with them.
  2. Apps which are related to hacking or network spoofing.
  3. Apps which change the license of paid apps to free.
  4. Make changes in the level of the system.
  5. Apps which allow playing YouTube videos in the background.

It is apps like these which are a strict no-no from the Play Store’s side.

The 10 must-have apps which are not available in the Play Store:

We will now list you the 10 Android Apps, which are a must-have on your Android device but unavailable in the Play Store. The list goes as follows-

1. Humble Bundle

Android Apps

It is one of the best games you can have on your Android devices. It is a way in which you can access paid games for cheap. The game offers regular bundles of games at a price which the user sets for self. Each of the bundle consists of ten games. The more you pay, the more you get to access and advance in the level of the game

You can download the game directly by clicking on the link- Download Humble Bundle


2. VideoMix

This is one of the best apps you can have for movie streaming. It is a fantastic app which lets the users stream movies and television show online. And the best part of this movie streaming app is that you can access the app free of cost. Users need not even sign up or register. Simply open the app and start using it.

You can download the app from the link- Download VideoMix

3. Amazon App Store

Android Apps

The giant shopping network of had their app store too. This is a direct opponent to the Google Play Store. You can try this app store on your device too.

Download the app from the link- Download Amazon App Store 

4. Xposed Framework Installer

This is the best tool you can have for your rooted Android. The app possesses the capability to fully customize your android phone just the way you want it to be. It has the ability to make system level changes to your android device. The app offers lots of modules and frames which you can try on your Android device to make it look attractive. 

Download the app from the given link- Download Xposed Framework Installer

5. Videoder

Android Apps

The app acts as a powerful tool to search videos from any search engine of the users’ choice. It helps to tally with any video service provider like YouTube or Vimeo. You can download the videos to any of your Android device. Moreover, you can download in any quality you want.  

Follow the link to download the app- Download Videoder

6. TubeMate

With this app, users can download their favorite videos directly to their android device from YouTube. You can even save your favorite videos to your SD card so that you can easily watch them later as per your convenience.The app offers an easy to use interface. 

Download the app from this link- Download TubeMate

 7. WhatsApp+

Android Apps

There are plenty of tricks available through which you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts. But this is the coolest app as it allows you to run two WhatsApp accounts in one android device at a single time. It also has the option to hide the online status. The app offers various customization options too.

Download the app from here- Download WhatsApp+

8. LMT Launcher

The app serves as the best choice for users who love to try new launchers to customize their phone. The menu that the app offers is a detachable one which opens like a fan. It is a customizable menu which offers various options to choose from.

Download the app by clicking on- Download LMT Launcher

9. Wi-Fi Kill

Android Apps

It is a tool which allows the user to disable the internet connection connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It is one of the coolest apps you can ever have. 

Download the app by clicking on the link- Download Wi-Fi Kill

10. Transdroid

For people who love Torrent, this app allows you to manage your Torrents remotely. It is compatible with both home servers as well as seedboxes. It is one of the coolest apps you can have.

Download the app from the link given- Download Transdroid


The 10 Android Apps that we have listed above are very useful and are no less than the ones available in the Google Play Store. Remember that just because an app is not listed in the Play Store, it is not good or authentic. Try the app yourself and then see the results! These apps are essential Android apps which should be installed on any device.


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