The Top 10 Android Games of Play Store-July 2016

Android devices serve a lot of activities these days. One can perform several activities through their Android devices to help them achieve solutions to problems. However, the most common activity performed on Android phones are entertainment ones. These serve as recreation to users in this busy life. Entertainment can be in any form. Some watch movies, listen to music or some even choose to play games. Well, playing games is the most common source of entertainment these days. Gaming on mobile devices has been increasing day by day. Even till five years back, users did not have a wide variety of games to choose from for playing on their devices. However, the scenario has changed now. Today there are countless Android games available in the Play Store to choose from. Each of these games is divided into certain categories. From puzzle games to action packed games, there are games for every kind of player.

Millions of games are submitted on the play store every day and many of them are in the process of development. Among such huge options, it is really difficult for a user to choose the right game. The top games in the Play Store vary from time to time. In this article, we provide you the list of the top 10 games in the Play Store for the month of July 2016.

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The Top 10 Android Games in the Play Store for the month July 2016:

1. Sultan: The Game

Android Games

This is the official game for one of the most awaited Bollywood movies of 2016- Sultan starring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma. The game holds the top position in the Play Store for the month of July 2016. Players have to join Sultan to make his wrestling comeback and slowly rise up the ladder to become the Wrestling Champion. Players have to kick, punch and battle through 60 levels of in-filled action combats. Players can even challenge their friends to reach the top of the leaderboard. The game offers some of the most exciting features for the users to play. 

Download the game from the link- Download Sultan: The Game

2. Candy Crush Saga

Android Games

One of the highly popular games in the world at present, Candy Crush Saga, is the sweetest game you can ever play. Users have to travel through magical lands and visit beautiful places to visit delicious characters. This deliciously sweet, adventurous Saga can be both played alone or along with friends. The game is completely free to play. Players can even enjoy the in-app purchases. As you move along the various levels of the game, you will see that the game gets sweeter as you pass each level. 

You can download the app from here- Download Candy Crush Saga

3. Subway Surfers

Android Games

Subway Surfers is one of the fastest chasing games you will ever encounter. This Android game challenges you to make Jake run as fast you can so that he is successful in running away from the grumpy Inspector. You will have to undertake this journey by dodging as many trains as you can. The game offers HD Optimized graphics. 

Download the game by clicking on this- Download Subway Surfers

4. Temple Run 2

Android Games

Temple Run 2 is one of the most widely used adventurous games. It enjoys great popularity among people. It is a redefined mobile gaming. Players have to run, jump, turn and slide. It challenges the players to run as far as they can. 

Download the game by clicking on the linkDownload Temple Run 2

5. My Talking Tom

Android Games

This game enjoys the no.1 position in 135 countries worldwide. Players can adopt their own baby kitten and help it to grow into a fully grown cat. Players can even name their virtual cat and feed it. It acts as the friend and companion whenever you are alone. You will see that Tom gradually becomes a part of your daily life. 

Download the game by clicking on the link- Download Talking Tom

6. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Android Games

This a multiplayer combat game. Users can play with 6 people online or even with 12 people when connected to Wi-Fi. The game features explosive online and local multiplayer warfare.

Install the game from the given linkDownload Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

7. Temple Run 

Android Games

This is the most popular treasure hunting game loved by millions of people worldwide. Players have to swipe directions, turn and run and jump to avoid various obstacles and earn points so that they can run as far as they can. The game is very addictive. It has over 50 million players worldwide. 

Have the game by clicking on the linkDownload Temple Run

8. Train Simulator 

Android Games

This game allows you to become the best train driver ever! Users can zoom across various lands and experience the thrill of a buzzing train ride. Control the train the way you want and become an expert in driving a train. The game offers some exciting features to help you remain glued on.

Download the game by clicking on- Download Train Simulator 

9. Hill Climb Racing

Android Games

This is a game loved by physics lovers. This is the best entertaining driver game ever made. It is one of the most addictive games. There is the challenge of climbing hills with cars. The game offers the users many exciting features. 

Get the app from the link hereDownload Hill Climb Racing

10. Indian Train Simulator

This is one of the most highly anticipated android games ever made. There is a self-sufficient railroad environment. All trains co-exist here just like the railroad environment of the real world. Players can even design the scenario as per their choice with the ”Quick Mode” facility. 

Get the app by clicking on the link- Download Indian Train Simulator


These are the top Android Games in Google Play Store for the month July 2016. The top games vary from time to time. However, there are games which are constant over time. These are the best Android Games in the month of the July. Download the games which you don’t have and live an exciting world of gaming!

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