The Top 10 Health and Fitness Apps for Android!

This is the era of fast and advanced technology where we are solely dependent on gadgets for every kind of solution. It is due to this highly advanced tech age that most of the people nowadays are tech-savvy. We are always glued to our Android devices. From shopping to money transactions to education, the technology offers every kind of service for every kind of demands that we have. It is due to this technology that we have the advent of apps. The Android devices that we use has apps divided into several categories. While some are for the recreation or entertainment, there are apps which provide various benefits to people. There are apps for every kind of beneficial purpose like News Apps, Education Apps, etc. One such category is Health and Fitness Apps. These are the apps through which a user gets to know how he/she can keep themselves fit and healthy. Such apps guide the users to stay fit.

There are thousands of Health and Fitness Apps available in the Google Play Store. More such apps are also in the process of development. Fitness Apps form to be one of the most demanded and used apps by people nowadays. Out of these several apps available in the Google Play Store, not all are good. Some are average, and some are completely nuisance. So, through this article, we will tell you what are the apps which you should prefer. In this article, we will be telling our readers about the 10 must-have Health and Fitness Apps for the Android devices.

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The top 10 Health and Fitness Apps:

We will now list you the 10 apps for health and fitness which rank on the top. These are-

1. Home Workouts

The app lets the users get into good shape without using any free weights or machines. With the app being installed on your phone, you can exercise wherever you want without having any weights or machines. The entire routine can be performed without any interruptions as the app includes text to speech engine. To have the best rhythm while you are exercising, activate the sound guide that the app provides. Each of the exercise that the app has comes with an illustrative description to help you exercise correctly. For improving the training results, it even has the warm-up workout as well as final stretch workout.  Users can even have customized workouts. The app has routines divided into various slots like- Seven minutes, Abs in five minutes, strengthening your body, legs and buttocks, etc.

You can download the app from the link- Download Home Workouts

2. 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

Fitness Apps

The app is designed by professional fitness coaches; the app helps the users to improve their health scientifically. Stick with this scientific process to witness the progress of your health. If you consider the workout rules, the app will increase your exercise intensity step by step. The app works in an effective w3ay to help you lose weight and stay fit. The app is divided into three levels based on your efficiency with workouts.

Download this app from the link- Download 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

3. Water Drink Reminder

The Water Drink Reminder App features as the No.1 Fitness App in over 30 countries by Google Play Store. The app reminds you to drink enough water to hydrate your body. It helps the user to improve their skin and lose weight. The app even supports Google Fit. Enter your weight and the app will let you know how much water consumption you need to have on a daily basis. 

Download the app from the link and get to enjoy it’s excellent features- Download Water  Drink Reminder

4. Healthify Me Weight Loss Coach 

Fitness Apps

It is India’s Premier Weight Loss Coach which helps the user to stay fit, lose weight and eat better. It lets the users have access to their trainer, yoga instructor and dietician. The app provides everything at users’ fingertips to achieve health, fitness and weight loss goals. The methods that the app offers are the best of its kind as it is not only blended with technology but also made as per the advice of professional medical practitioners. The app even provides some of the best features as compared to other health and fitness apps.

Download the app and enjoy the exciting features to stay fit and healthy- Download Healthify Me Weight Loss Coach

5. Google Fit- Fitness Tracking

Fitness Apps

The app tracks every kind of activity you perform throughout the day. Whether you run, walk or cycle, the Android wear or phone tracks every kind of activity, you perform throughout the day which helps you to stay fit. Google Fit helps you to stay motivated, and it further encourages you to lose weight and stay fit. The app also enables you to check in from anywhere anytime of the day.

Download the app by clicking on the link- Download Google Fit-Fitness Tracking 


Fitness Apps

It is the world’s most favourite and advanced mobile yoga studio till date. The app is enjoyed by over 7,000,000 people worldwide. The app offers 289 poses and exercises to its users which are available in HD Quality video. You can search for any pose and any skill depending on the level you are currently in whether advanced or beginning. 

Download this app by clicking on the link given- Download

7. Nike+ Running

Fitness Apps

The app tracks the runs you make to help you reach your goal. Whether you are a first time runner or a marathon expert, the app will motivate and guide you to achieve your goal. It is described best as the world’s best running community. The app even helps you to compare and compete with your friends and others.

Download the app from this link and join one of the best apps- Download Nike+ Running

8. Ultimate Full-Body Workouts

This app helps its user to get into shape faster than other apps. It offers full body exercises which help you to lose fat wherever necessary and also helps you to gain muscles where needed. With a set of dumbells, you can achieve the perfect shape without any gym membership or expensive equipment. All the exercises are guided through illustrations for the convenience of users.

Download the app to get into the perfect shape by clicking on the link- Download Ultimate Full-Body Workouts 

9. Runkeeper- GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper is the simplest method to improve your fitness. With the GPS in your Android phone, you can track how fast you run, ride a bike or ride a cycle through the app. The app also provides the users with audio updates to keep them updated about their scores and how much they still require for achieving their goal.

You can get the app on your device by clicking on the link- Download Runkeeper 

10. RamDev ke Ayurvedic Nushke

RamDev is a famous Yoga Guru in India. The app consists of Ayurvedic tips from RamDev, which helps the users to lose weight and stay fit. The app is available in Hindi for the convenience of people who do not hold command over English. The app offers 700 tips for its users to stay healthy and fit.

Download the app for staying fit the Ayurvedic way- Ramdev ke Ayurvedic Nushke


With the apps mentioned above, you can stay fit and healthy by simple means without having any gym membership or expensive equipment. So what are you waiting for? Download your favourite app and live a healthy life!

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