How to Get Any Android App for Free with Lucky Patcher

If you have noticed the Google Play Store, most the applications that we love and are of great use to us are either paid right from the beginning or have huge in-app application purchases. Well, as it turns out there is a straightforward and easy way to get the application for free. You might just think now that how is it possible to get a paid app for free completely, but using lucky patcher, you will be able to remove all paid features of a premium application quickly for free. Just imagine you using your favorite video editor and that too for free.

Lucky Patcher is a simple application that allows you to patch up Android Applications in such a way so that the paid features of the application become readily available to you. In addition to this, the lucky patcher can be of great help as well. The application can be used to remove advertisements from your favorite games and applications; you can customize your application by creating custom patched version of your favorite game and much more. The fact that Lucky patcher is also free to use makes it the correct option to get any android app for free. Let us just go through the steps on how to get any android app for free with the lucky patcher.

How to Get Any Android App for Free with Lucky Patcher

There are two ways to use premium applications. The first one involves buying the app after the trial period is over, and the other involves making in-app purchases for the specific features. The below given steps are the first option.

Step 1: The first step involving the process is to download the Lucky Patcher application and install it on your system.

Step 2: Now when the installation is done, the open the application and select the trial version of the application that you want to buy for free.

Step 3: Clicking the trial version of the application will open the patch menu, and from there you will have to select the option that you want.

Step 4: In this case, you will have to remove the license verification and then click on rebuild the application.

Step 5: Wait for the rebuilding process to get complete. Once done, all you need to do in uninstall the old app and reinstall the new one that Lucky Patcher just patched for you.

Step 6: Open the newly installed application and use all the paid features of your favorite application with any hesitation.

As you can see from the steps mentioned above, it is not that difficult to get your favorite application or game using Lucky Patcher application. In fact, it is probably the simplest way that I have come across till now. The best part is that the application works not only on rooted devices but also on not rooted devices. The list of application that can be patched using Lucky Patcher is also quite long making Lucky patcher the obvious choice.

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