Guide to Solve Different HP Printer Problems

HP printer error codes are different messages that are displayed on LED displays of HP printers. These codes are displayed as terms or number informing the users of the parts that are not working in the proper manner. There might be several reasons behind the occurrence of these error codes and the numbers displayed point the users to the right direction.

HP or Hewlett Packard is the leader in producing laptops and printers of the best quality. It is one of the best brands of printers available in the recent times. The printers from this brand are of the exclusive design and speak of sheer quality. However, even the HP printers might have certain problems manifesting in the form of error codes.

Common Error Codes in HP Printers:

If you are the users of a HP printer and your printer has suddenly stopped working, it will surely display an error code. The error codes displayed on the LED screen of your HP printer will help you in troubleshooting and repair the problem. Here it is important to note that different models of HP printers have different wordings for the errors.

Majority of the error codes of the HP printers are common in the range of both new and old. There are even some self-explanatory error codes that detail the problem very easily. Here, we will be having a look at some of the most common HP printer error codes and the solutions for these problems.

HP Printer Error Code e8:

This is an error code that pops up all of a sudden mainly when the movement of the carriage is disturbed because of certain unwanted reasons. It is a distinctive warning message that starts flashing indicating the problem. It is possible that the motor of the printer would be generating this error or the problem would be software-based. Sometimes, the accumulation of duct on the sensitive mechanical parts and the rubber rollers might disturb carriage movement. Proper cleaning needs to be maintained along with proper maintenance for avoiding this error.

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The best method of curing this problem is following periodic maintenance and proper cleaning. The steps that should be followed are:

  • Taking the printer in an area that is very well-ventilated.
  • Arranging a cleaning rag, alcohol, and screwdriver.
  • Detaching the top cover of the HP printer and even the internal one.
  • Holding the handle of the ink cartridge knob and pulling it out for unlocking it.
  • Unclipping printer roller from the holder and cleaning it thoroughly using a damped rag. The rag should be dipped in alcohol and then used for cleaning the rollers.
  • The rollers should be allowed to dry prior to clipping them back on to the holder. It is important to ensure that the rollers are repositioned in the same location tightly.
  • The ink cartridges need to be installed with great care and then the printer should be closed properly.
  • It is necessary to turn on the printer for checking whether the error is still there or not.

HP Printer Error Code 02:

HP printer error code 02 means printer warming up which is generally caused due to problems of the printer driver or the cable.



For solving this problem, the printer should be turned off and the printer cable should be removed. Next, the printer needs to be turned on all over again. The drivers need to be updated and if this does not solve the problem then the cable should also be replaced. However, if the problem still persists then there are chances of a hardware issue.

HP Printer Error Code 10:

This is a supplies memory error that generally occurs when the printer has some kind of an issue with its toner cartridge chip. The chip loses its ability to read.


The very first thing that you need to do is reset the printer. You can do this simply by turning the printer on and then back off. This will solve the problem. However, if this does not solve the problem then you will have to remove and then reinstall the toner cartridge. You can even replace the toner cartridge. If following these steps does not solve your problem then it might be a hardware issue.

HP printer Error Code 11:

This is a paper out the issue. However, if the printer is not out of paper then it means that there is an issue with the paper sensor or the paper tray.


The very first thing that you need to ensure is that the printer is placed on a surface that is completely flat. Try checking the paper tray in order to detect any damages. If you find toner build up, clean it away. Try checking the paper sensor if the problem does not get solved. It is also necessary for you to carry out a thorough cleaning of the optical sensor.

If the above steps do not solve the different error codes that you are getting on your HP printer, it would be wise on your part to get the services of a professional.

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