Tips to Resolve Dell Laptop Battery Problems

The battery life of any laptop is very important. With the passage of time, the battery also loses its capacity to supply enough power to the device. But, if your battery is showing problems on a new laptop, then there is some glitch in the battery itself. That is exactly why it is always recommended to buy a battery from a trustable platform like Best Laptop Battery in Dubai.


You may face the battery problems anytime. Especially if you work on laptops for a long period of time, it takes a toll on your laptop’s battery life.

Li-ion or Lithium Ion is the most popular batteries used in laptops. Every laptop is composed of two power sources: Battery and AC Adapter. The laptop gets the power from the battery when it is not connected to the AC Adapter.

Now, the question is how to understand that the problem is with the laptop battery? Well, to make your work easier, I have listed some of the most common symptoms of laptop battery problems.

This is what happens When There is a Glitch in Laptop Battery:

  • PC will not recognize the battery
  • Battery indicator does not work properly
  • The battery is stuck at the same level.
  • The battery contains no charge.

Do not miss out on the following symptoms in AC Adapter:

  • Unable to determine the AC Adapter – Error Message
  • The adapter is unable to supply power to the laptop
  • Adapter indicator is turned off.
  • AC Adapter is unable to charge the battery.

Familiar with the symptoms? Even if you aren’t, it is better to know the immediate solutions to fix the common laptop battery issues.

How To Fix Dell Laptop Problems

Switch to BIOS Mode:

You may change the settings to BIOS after switching the PC off. Now, you need to know that there are several settings of the OS like device drivers, power management settings and many more. These affect the battery performance to a great extent.

You may charge the battery out of the OS to remove the issues related to hardware. So, here’s what you need to do:

Switch off the Dell PC:

  • Charge the battery for some time while the PC is turned off.
  • You may restart the PC, press F2 to activate the BIOS. Now, charge the battery.
  • check if the battery charge has increased.
  • Restart your system.

Check the functionality of AC Adapter:

It is very important for the AC Adapter to function properly. So, make sure that the AC Adapter is compatible with your PC.

How You will Recognize the functionality of AC Adapter

  • Restart your laptop.
  • Press F2 when you see the logo of Dell.
  • Wait for the Entering Setup message to appear.
  • See the AC Adapter Type in the options.

If the adapter type is none, make sure that you have connected the adapter to the PC.

Check the Status of Your Laptop Battery:

The status of your laptop battery implies the condition of your laptop battery. If your laptop is pretty old, then there is a chance that you need to replace the battery.

These are the most common Dell laptop battery problems that users face usually. You can apply these solutions to check if these work for you. Hope, we were able to answer all your question still you wanna ask anything, let us know in the comment section or write us on Contact Us.

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